About Us

'Turning Skills, Talents & Passions into Businesses'

How Can We Tackle Youth Unemployment As a Global Community? We all know the answer to this question is employment opportunities. Sounds so easy right? It is definitely not going to happen overnight since it is an endemic and systematic problem. However, if each one of us does something about it in his or her space, then at the end of the day a ripple effect resulting from our combined efforts may do the magic, but it is surely not happening tomorrow.

Globally, youth unemployment has become a huge challenge threatening tomorrow’s generations’ leadership abilities and ending so many young dreams prematurely. The main challenge the youth is faced with today stems from an education system that delivers great hands-on skills in technical & vocational institutions but very lacking in entrepreneurship and startup project management skills. So what are they to do with the gained skills? Seek inaccessible employment opportunities.

Despite technical and vocational institutions, institutions of higher learning and colleges are blessed with plenty of passionate young talents, with huge entrepreneurial potential which ends up untapped or for the few lucky ones, employed in jobs they are not passionate about. The reality today is that over 70% of these great talents end up frustrated and unemployed, hence a great entrepreneurial potential and great jobs that would have been created by such talents end up unproductive among young graduates, families, and guardians taking care of them and finally, our economy misses out on that creativity, innovations, and productivity we would have all benefited from had they been presented with opportunities to tap into their entrepreneurial potential.

BizSkills Academy approach and methodology seek to provide such skills in the form of side-hustle projects. This means that potential entrepreneurs in schools will gain access to the skill set required to help them develop their respective ideas, talents and passions into businesses, while at the same time providing them with the know-how required to manage startup projects until that time such projects are so promising that they may now gradually devise strategies to devote a 100% of their time on them, turning them into full-time employment for themselves and their colleagues.

The side-hustling approach, methodology, and philosophy and by BizSkills Academy will provide unlimited opportunities for targeted potential young entrepreneurs to achieve their educational or employment dreams, while at the same time working towards greater personal projects on the sideline. There can never be a safer transition in entrepreneurship than this for the youth. This way all the fear of the unknown are contained through BizSkills Academy approach, methodology, and side-hustle philosophy.

BizSkills Academy Believes in Empowering the Individual

It is estimated that between 70 – 90% of start-ups globally will not survive the start-up phase or live past a five-year period. What is often cited as a leading cause is a lack of sound business planning, specifically in the financial aspect of the business. Then a couple of issues like timing, team execution, business idea and business model are also highlighted, whose source is also associated with lack of quality planning. If a business plan can’t be implemented, then the business can’t thrive. This is where BizSkills Academy comes in, putting you in control with a simple hands-on approach to business planning.

With the BizSkills’ easy to use system, business owners can keep updated on the financial information affecting their businesses, any minute of the day. They can create their business plan to a standard ready to be viewed by investors and have access to reports relating to sales and cash flow forecasts in a clear graphic format. In addition to this, they have access to guided learning from experienced trainers and mentors, as they learn different aspects of business planning. All within the comfort of their own home or work.

The goal of the BizSkills process is for all entrepreneurs who fulfill the requirements of the program to be able to understand and use the information in the context of their businesses and locations. In so doing, put them in a stronger position to meet the challenges that they might face during the process of setting up and running their businesses.

Our Mission

BizSkills Academy’s purpose is to fight unemployment by providing simple, innovative and practical early stage entrepreneurial solutions to the youth to help them live their dreams by setting-up sustainable side-hustle and scalable businesses.

Our Vision

BizSkills Academy aspires to be every skilled, talented, and passionate young entrepreneur’ first point of reference when thinking of transforming early stage entrepreneurial challenges into future business success without necessarily giving up on their existing engagements.

Our Core Values

We are committed to creating visible and sustainable value for our clients, by keeping it simple and providing the necessary resources to support their path to success. We strive to create and nurture long-term relationships by being a partner in growth. We provide value in time, quality, benefits, and in monetary terms, but more importantly in the ownership and control of your business planning, setup, scale-up and running.

We believe in ethical service delivery – from managing clients’ expectations with honesty and integrity to guaranteeing the confidentiality of your information. Our system ensures that all business strategies are safeguarded and dealt with from your computers.

We strive to offer a simple, high quality, private services to every beneficiary from the comfort of their homes, schools or work, based on our extensive, accumulated experiences in the business advisory, capacity-building, training, and development industries.

We share an organizational culture of mutually respecting the contributions of people from different backgrounds and experiences, thereby helping one another grow through our shared understanding.

Our innovative tools are not limited to creating impact at the individual businesses level alone, we will also pursue activities which have a social impact and support the engagement of the youth (students from colleges, universities, technical schools) and women initiatives in this sector.