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AFJC 2021 Registration


The African Youth Job Creators’ Fellowship registration is currently ongoing. The registration deadline is January 15th, 2021.

Apply here now:

What is AFJC?

AFJC is a program for young graduates who have business ideas. Young graduates of universities, polytechnics, and colleges – including technical colleges.

Young graduates having difficulty finding suitable jobs but who have ideas which could be developed into potential business opportunities. In a more simple term, AFJC aims to transform job seekers into job creators.

The Requirements & Eligibility for AFJC

To apply for AFJC, applicants must:

  • have finished school not more than ten years ago
  • be available for the entire duration of the program and be able to participate in all activities
  • be able to read and write in English
  • have grit, an essential attribute to succeed as an entrepreneur
  • be ready and willing to form a team with other fellows who share similar interests and ideas
The Stages of AFJC Program

After selection, successful candidates will go through three (3) stages. Training, pitching, and incubation.

1. Training Program and Pre-incubation Mentorship

This training is priced at $1,350. The courses are delivered through the BizSkils learning portal are provided gratis to deserving African youths.

At the core of this training program is a process for developing an idea into a viable business opportunity and team formation- straightened by mentoring and coaching sessions that run throughout the duration of the program.

Participants will also get 10 mentorship sessions, one session per course to help them customize their ideas to the businesses they want to create as well as to the environment they operate from. Each coaching session is valued at $100, thus valued at $1,000.

2. Pre-incubation Pitching Competition

After training, participants will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas. Prizes are awarded to the best 3 pitches at the end of the first phase.

The total prize at this level is $2,250.

  • First Place: $ 1,000
  • Second Place: $ 750
  • Third Place: $ 500

* Cash prizes are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Apply here now:

3. The Incubation Program (B-VIP)

The top 100 teams (up to 500 young people) get to participate in an incubation program that will run for 12 weeks.

Also offered gratis, participants get a lot of support beyond what regular clients get at a cost of $1,200. Teams and individual team members get personalized coaching and guidance.

4. Post Incubation program

Upon completing the incubation, companies created through the program pitch during the demo day. This pitch is to compete for the second AfJC’s prize totaling $3,000 for the top 3 companies.

Each company that completes the program gets admitted into the BizSkills Academy Venture Studio. In the venture studio, every company continues to receive mentorship services and they are showcased to the public who are encouraged to explore either partnership opportunities or investment.

How to Apply

There are several ongoing advertisement placements on social media. The adverts are of three types. For African Women, for African Youths, and for 2020 Graduates.

The dream of this program is to get as many willing youths as possible to participate.

Aside from the adverts, you can apply here: AFJC Form. You are free to share this link with your friends.


Some promising startups we have incubated include TeachToolz, MyCareBuddy, Bridge, among others. Refer to our Youtube Channel for more.

Starting in January 2021, successful applicants will have opportunities to identify like-minded individuals and collaborate with them to explore business ideas and opportunities.

In our experience, great innovators and entrepreneurs understand that the dreams and ideas they have are larger than themselves as individuals, they are always looking for like-minded people to help make their visions a reality.

Finally, you can explore our courses while waiting for the program to fully commence.

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