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Building a Team

Building a Team

Building a team requires a lot. What is a team? Why do you need a team? What are the steps to build a strong and

Entrepreneural Characteristices

Entrepreneurial Characteristics

What does entrepreneurship mean? Entrepreneurship is the aspiration of growing and overseeing a business by taking risks with a view of making a profit. Who

Entrepreneurial mindset & growth mindset

Entrepreneurial Mindset & Growth Mindset

Entrepreneurial mindset and growth mindset; are concepts you need to deeply understand in your entrepreneurship journey. Get a foundation on; the mindset, the fixed and

Change Strategies for Your Mindset

Change Strategies for Your Mindset

It is good to learn and activate the change strategies for your mindset. Developing the right mindset can not be overemphasized! From the last post

The Fixed and the growth mindset

The Fixed and The Growth Mindset

From the previous post, you must have gotten the concept of mindset. Getting the right mindset is good, as it will help you in every


The Mindset

The word “mindset” is not new to most people but for some reason, they tend to relegate the real meaning of the word.In this post,

Training Programs Designed for Impact

Join us – we would like to deliver transformative, entrepreneurial innovation impact with like-minded people and organizations. Apply here today: or recommend someone to