Bill Gates, Warren Buffet Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Many More Successful People Apply the 5 Hour Rule, Why Are You and Me Not Able to Do the Same?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Many More Successful People Apply the 5 Hour Rule, Why Are You and Me Not Able to Do the Same?

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey and Many More Successful People Apply the 5 Hour Rule, Why Are You and Me Not Able to Do the Same?

You will agree with us that the 5-Hour rule is a very simple concept and easy to apply in our professional lifestyles as it in our social lifestyles. However, What is it with the 5-Hour Rule? did these successful people apply it before or after success? This is the problem we find in so many great stories today. They tell one part of the story, in other words, the stories are not complete.


Well we are not just being critical, we also want to learn!

The 5 Hour rule seems to be something easy to do if you are a disciplined person, who knows what you would want to achieve or who has already discovered his or her reason for living (life’s purpose). It is a powerful way to success relying on the willingness of each one of us to deliberately want to learn on how to improve what we do or whatever we want to achieve and deliberately trying out what we have learnt through experiments, being actions and results driven.

Our main problem with all the beautiful stories out there

Now, read every story about this powerful rule, the story will tell you how successful people are applying it to even reach greater success today but, none of the stories tell us when these successful people started applying the rule in their lives. Did they start once they became successful and therefore were more in control of their time and what happens in each day of their lives, thus freeing them time to deliberately learn and experiment what they have learnt? Or was this 5-hour rule part of the process from the ordinary people path, just like you and me today, to the great and successful people they have become? This is what we find to be the problem with the 5-hour rule.

The next thing we find has not been well covered, is the frequency in terms of weeks to which this rule is applied in their lives. Is it on weekly basis or is it only when there is a special project that has caught their attention and they want to focus on that project until it has been successful or proven to be not worth their time.

How do you really make time to do this?

Just imagine yourself as a start-up owner constantly having the time to do all these three simple and easy steps. Most of the people in early stage of entrepreneurship don’t have a minute to do any other thing apart from their startups’ activities. They are constantly drawn into such activities to make that venture a success, depriving them the opportunity to read, learn and experiment any other thing that comes along their paths.

This is why we are very much interested in understanding at what time did a great successful person like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg and many more others successful individuals in the entrepreneurial world start to apply the steps in the 5-hour rule? Was it before they were successful and tried everything possible to make time for this rule’s applicability or was it after they were successful and had the power to control how they spend their time through task delegation for example and therefore enabling them to make time and room for all that is required to work towards success?  once they started applying this rule, did it become the weekly routine way of doing things or is it periodic? We need more details around this and many more aspects of the applicability of this rule into our daily lives to success.

Otherwise, the 5-Hour rule is a genius work, one of the best simple processes that each one of can follow through to success. However, sometimes it is very difficult to understand such simple things because they are only associated with the most successful people, and an ordinary person would be tempted to think that it is almost impossible to apply it in his or her daily life routines. The main challenge to most of the ordinary people like us would be the discipline to stick to the plan, week in – week out (if that is what is required), given the fact that we have limited abilities to control how and where we spend our time every week… or do you think this is one of the reasons why we are not successful? Do you think this is another excuse we use to keep not trying such great strategies to success?

Let us have a conversation about this, your experiences might be different and it is always great pleasure to learn from others. What do you think about this 5-Hour rule so far? It is so simple, each one of us can do it. but why don’t we just do it? Why?

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