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BizSkills Ideation Course: An Eye-opener

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My name is Jean-Paul Nageri and I’m the CEO and founder of Sio Valley Foods and Sio Valley Technologies.

About Sio Valley Foods

At Sio Valley Foods we produce Vegan Mayonnaise and Vegan Butter from peas while at SVT we use extracts from vegetable waste to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

Coming up with an idea requires one to get into a state of deep reflection. You have to determine what level of impact you’d like to have in the world and what kind of problems you want to solve.

I’m passionate about solving difficult problems which led me to tackle one of Africa’s biggest problems; food waste and Spoilage. Almost half of what farmers grow in Africa is lost due to spoilage.

This Original Vegan Mayo is made with 100% plant based ingredients.

I decided to brainstorm and use my experience in processing plant materials to find a solution that would be safe for human consumption, but also the environment.

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BizSkills Ideation Course

The birth of every successful business starts with one thing, and that is an idea. Going through the BizSkills Ideation course has been a great eye-opener.

The process of developing an idea is critical to the success of your enterprise. It must be approached in a systematic manner and isn’t a random occurrence. Learning how to brainstorm and seek help from the community has been a valuable insight.

We tend to have lots of crazy ideas, but how sure are we that they’d be of value to the community around us. Sometimes it’s just good to start with what you have by building a prototype or having a minimum viable product that provides some form of value.

As you move along your product development journey it’s very critical to innovate as much as possible. To be innovative, simply start by improving an already existing process or radically changing the status quo. It’s also important to consider the sustainability of your enterprise. What impact will it have on the environment? Or can it potentially help in reducing carbon emissions or pollution?

About The AFJC Program

The AFJC™ 2021 program is designed to empower more youths. This program includes 10 courses training program, a virtual incubation program, pitch competitions, and exposure through the venture studio initiative.

You can read and express your interest here.

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