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Celebrating TeacherToolz

Mentorship With BizSkills = Our First Seed Funding of 2000 CAD
How Mentorship with BizSkills Academy helped us to win our first seed funding of 2000 CAD

Coming up with an idea can be interesting at first instance, and planning. When we first started, we were making unrealistic plans and were building a product based on what we think the product should be as opposed to what the customer wants. Nevertheless, Bizskills Academy greatly assisted my team in our journey from the ideation stage to the product stage.

BizSkills Academy’s Role

Bizskills Academy is a platform that empowers budding businesses with the necessary business acumen needed to thrive in the marketplace. My team and I found the courses very useful because through the courses on the platform and the mentorship we received from BizSkills Academy; we were able to understand the pain point of the market and proffer the relevant solution. 

Throughout the journey, Bizskills Academy provided the necessary guidance for us to come up with the precise mission statement, corporate colors, identify our target market. We were able to conduct a comprehensive market survey and analysis through the mentorship BizSkills Academy gave.

Seed Funding

As the challenge of most startups is funding. TeacherToolz came to know about the seed funding pitch organized by Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre (DDQIC) through Norman Musengimana the CEO of BizSkills Academy.

At first, we were hesitant but later went ahead with the application. When we received the email that we qualified for the pitch, we were overwhelmed and had to put together a pitch deck. I cannot overemphasize how all the training from BizSkills Academy was handy.

We had to show figures as opposed to just telling stories. One important key takeaway is to talk about your wins though one may think it’s not much of a big deal. TeacherToolz team came together and put a pitch deck at least one that was worthy enough to thrill the judges.

TeacherToolz competed and walked away with 2000 CAD. Our very first seed funding. TeacherToolz is planning on having a successful official launch into the market; and hires teachers to write lesson plans for the platform through this funding.

A big thank you to BizSkills Academy, Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre, and the TeacherToolz team.

Team TeacherToolz:

TeacherToolz Homepage

Learn more about TeacherToolz.

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