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Developing Your Interview Questions

Developing Your Interview Questions

Just as it has been established that there are different methods of data collection. It is advisable to go for primary data because you get to understand how your target market feels directly instead of reading ideas; like the secondary method of data collection.

One way to get your primary data is to set up interviews with selected persons from your target audience. Either you are settling for interviews, surveys, focus groups, or observation, you will need to strategically develop questions to give you that exact data you need.

To do that, you should ask:

1. The right questions so you’ll get the right answers. How do you do that? Ask questions that evaluate emotions. Ask the why, what, which, and how questions about the product/services depending on the result you’re aiming for.

2. Questions to segment the customers. This will help you understand their demographic. While at it, you should ask questions relating to your product.

3. Problem discovery questions to find out about problems or related problems to the ones you’ve identified and confirm your problem theory.

4. Problem validation questions that will help you substantiate the problems you’ve identified and tend to solve.

5. Product discovery questions that will determine the development of your idea. It can also help you come up with fresh ideas.

6. Product validation questions that will help you verify your idea.

7. Product optimization questions that will help you in enhancing your ideas.

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Before proceeding with any interview, give answers to some of these questions.

  1. What problem do you intend solving?
  2. Have others attempted to solve this problem before? How did they approach it? Was it successful?
  3. What are the exact benefits of your problem/services?
  4. Who are your competitors?
  5. Done a SWOT analysis?

There are many questions to ask to validate your idea before setting out for interviews.

Also, plan the interview. What’s the structure you want? Is it the close-ended questions or open-ended questions, or probing questions? Where is the location? Face-to-face or phone interview? What’s the number of people you want to interview?

After planning the interview, set up the location and the material needed to conduct the interview.

Then, conduct the interview. Go with your set questions but before you start asking them, appreciate them first for granting you the opportunity. Record their responses after you’ve taken permission to do so. Ask open-ended questions and don’t exceed the stipulated time.

End the interview by asking for follow-up and appreciating them. After the interview, you will need to analyze all the collected data.

See the next post on how to analyze your data.

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