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The Power of The Mind

The Power of the mind

I am Sikiru Issa Nuhu, a Social Entrepreneur.

I’m a passionate entrepreneur and an educator with a burning desire towards impacting lives and creating values for others.

I have trained several aspiring young entrepreneurs in the fashion business and relevant digital skills to upscale their businesses.

Over the years, I noticed that majority of businesses failed because the owner’s mindset wasn’t flourished with possibilities. Then I realized people underestimate the power of the Mind.

Getting to the BizSkills Academy program, I was exposed more about mindset and I decided to pen something to assist others.

The mind was created to be one of the most powerful determiners of a human being. It has the power to do and undo. It also houses the factory where all thoughts are manufactured based on prescriptions.

The power of the mind is unlimited, it only works based on where it is channeled towards. No one is going to believe in you until you believe in yourself.

There are two types of mindset. The growth and the fixed mindset.

The Growth Mindset

A growth mindset enables you to think positively, see reasons why you shouldn’t give up. The spirit of I want to do this, yes I can do it, even if I fail, I will try again. This is the mind that makes you want to be a better version of yourself, a part that sees challenges and obstacles as necessities to success. It’s that mindset you have when you set out a task, vision, mission, and goals to achieve. Then no matter the circumstances, you will fight hard.

The Fixed Mindset

The Fixed mindset is not the worst, just that it takes you nowhere. That spirit inside of you, saying you can’t make it. That part of you that hates to be challenged. Not to compete instead of failing. That mindset tells you….you are okay as you are. You need not stress yourself.

The mind that reminds you of what people will say when you fail. That part of you that tells you not to start a business because you have no capital, what if it doesn’t succeed, what if you run into a loss. That mind that makes you feel inferior and overhyped others. That was my belief about a fixed mindset until I went through The Growth Mindset course at BizSkill Academy, I got to know that a fixed mindset can also be useful in some cases.

Your mind has the power to input, process, and output any thoughts. The most occurred thoughts, take over the mind factory, which lowers the pressure of others. When you frequently think you can’t be better than you are, the thought sticks to your mind and gives you thousands of reasons why you can’t and vice versa.

In conclusion,

You can’t underestimate the power of the mind. It’s what sets out success from failure, good from bad, riches from poor. It is only when you think Big, dream Big, act Big, you achieve Big.

Remember you can do anything anybody can do, only you can do it better.

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