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Tshegofatso Kgosintwa Thoughts on The Growth Mindset

Tshegofatso Kgosintwa

I am Tshegofatso Kgosintwa, from Botswana.

A Law Graduate from Gaborone University, College of Law.

I am passionate about education, and I advocate for it whichever way POSSIBLE.

Also, I am passionate about the family unit and building it.

About AFJC™  2021

Opportunities present themselves in life, but it is vital to redeem their times and seasons; because few come once in a lifetime. This past week proved itself as that:

A once in a lifetime opportunity when I got shortlisted from 7064 applicants; making part of the first cohort for The African Youth Job Creators’ Fellowship 2021.

The Growth Mindset Experience

My first course on Growth mindset has introduced me to the ME I never knew I had to improve and perfect. I have taken quizzes and tests that revealed the mindset I have and the pre-requisites; therein for me to be a better leader from an individual level.

I’ve had challenges signing up for the course, as a confrontational leader I reached out to the organizers for help. At first, when I saw the course price displayed, I was devastated and expressed this by sending a private mail to the founder of BizSkills Academy Inc. I expressed that we are unemployed graduates and have no financial backbone. How come the program was communicated as for unemployed graduates and free of charge; but the course details show the contrary? It was then that my lack of understanding was blown off and my hope was restored.

It must be noted that most African youths have answers to the problems that the African continent has, but; lack finances for their solutions to stand out. We have vast skills, talents, and answers but less or no financial strength. We are most probably the first generations of our families trying the concept of multiple streams of income, generational wealth legacy as such it is most unlikely for us to solve these huge problems at the community, national and continental level because we are fighting poverty at the family level, not excluding black tax concept some African folks display.

The demise of African socio-economic development is poor leadership with access to money, those with solutions without money become spectators involuntarily because of those with the means and ability careless about impacting and changing the continent.


I commend BizSkills Academy on providing free online courses and awarding certificates free of charge. If it was not for this opportunity, we will continue to lament about unemployment and be spectators while we actually have the answers.

BizSkills has privileged us in that it teaches, educates then introduces us to funders who will help in the execution process of our solutions. I was able to invite eight more ladies from my country so they equally benefit and develop through this program.

My reason for inviting them is because I believe that there is nothing about the US without us. As collective impact is much greater than individual impact.

Also, I am thrilled to know that BizSkills Academy welcomes our suggestions on how best we feel the program should run as I was able to share my thoughts and prepositions about the zoom meeting call, another participant created a simple guiding video on how to run the courses and BizSkills Academy welcomed the idea. The program allows us to show, advance, and position ourselves as we profess to be.


My mindset has honestly changed after The Growth Mindset course. I realize this is not only about business concepts but my personal development in my day-to-day interactions with; family, friends, and love life.

I am pretty thankful for the privilege to be a part of the continental movers and shakers in our preparation to fight unemployment and; bring about sustainable change for Africa, towards its Agenda 2063 – African solutions for the African problems by African Solution providers.

You can be like Tshegofatso Kgosintwa. Understand your mindset by enrolling in the course.

Finally, African Youths can read and express their interest here.

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