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Incubate, Validate & Launch!

BizSkills Academy Virtual Incubation Program


B-VIP is incentives based, as it rewards you for your dedication and hard work. The more milestones you achieve, the more services you unlock. The program will help you validate some of your assumptions, as well as help you to identify and jettison those that are not relevant and/or no longer valid. In the end you would have transformed your idea to create a minimum viable product (MVP), along with one or more business models that will set you up for establishing a commercially viable business entity.


Courses on the portal - EJS from module 1 of Lesson 1 of Growth Mindset

Week 1
Week 2

Business Model Canvas - Using the lean canvas (guidelines and tools provided)

Customer persona and competitive landscape - (design of the initial concept & development)

Week 3
Week 4

The creation of an MVP & team members’ entrepreneurial profi les

Invalidations of assumptions used to create the MVP design and concept (First interviews

Week 5
Week 6

List of key and necessary features for a realistic MVP (insights from interviews) with target clients and key stakeholders’ min of 20)

Financial Models based on the viable and achievable MVP & business model development

Week 7
Week 8

Second phase of interviews with a new set of customers (Minimum of 20)

Developing a realistically testable MVP based on Interviews’ insights

Week 9
Week 10

Determination of what is required to develop an Alpha & initiation of the business planning phase

Determination of what is required to develop a Beta solution

Week 11
Week 12

Final Business plans presentations, pitching and fundraising

Demo Day

Week 13

Some of our alumni

promising startups we have incubated include:

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